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First a little bit about us.

Dragon Krane was established in 2021 April with the hope of connecting those with a need for great quality Chinese products. We are currently located both in Uganda and China and aim at supplying you with the best of a variety of products. We have access to men (ties, cuff links, shoes, and jeans) and women (dresses) as well as other accessories. We also have access to different products like Bicycles and Computer Accessories.

Kezi Kyanda Global Lead and Head of Sourcing

We offer very competitive prices and have shopping services to Uganda and many other locations globally. Kezi Kyanda is our founder and Global Lead and is in charge of sourcing all these great products. Nicholas Kyanda on the other hand handles internet operations and marketing.

Nicholas Kyanda Internet Operation and Marketing


For Women's Clothes.

Shipped to the country of your choice..

Men's Clothing & Accessories.

Ties, Cufflinks, Cravats and more.

Women's Shoes At Affordable Prices.

Great quality shoes for women.

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We ship primarily from China.

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